Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meet the Dumbest Dress Ever...

What is this the circle of life dress? Why would someone want the arms connected to the bottom of the dress? It's like a straightjacketdress but in a better pattern.

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  1. Well, I probably wouldn't recommend doing jumping jacks or playing volleyball with this dress. I love the pattern for it, but the design of it all could be a lot better. It could have been a bell-sleeve dress or something instead of this dress being attached so much. Even the loveliest garments and outfits can be horrid because of just one fatal flaw, and this dress' fatal flaw is its attached design at the bottom.

  2. Its certainly not functional for impromptu YMCA dance sessions thats for sure! I thought we grew out of pulling our dresses over our heads when we turned 4?!


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