Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HottHe of the Week...Teresa

Hi Teresa, great to meet you! A Model and cigar critic. Without being too sexual here, there is something insane about a chick being a cigar critic, again not being to graphic but a chick smoking a cigar, is going to get men's attention 10 outta 10 times, if she happens to also be gorgeous like Teresa, well then they were probably looking already. "I almost never wear pants. I adore dresses, am always in heels" well Teresa you said the magic words to get the He Approved stamp and the title of HottHe of the Week.

How would you describe your style? "Classic with a modern twist" is how I describe myself and my fashion. I'm inspired by the classics but also like a challenge of styling looks I have never seen or may not even understand. If something has lots of ribbons or lace and I'm not quite sure how it is intended to be worn- I must have it, ha. The feminine silhouette is something I always consider in my style, whether something is form fitting or voluminous. It plays an important role in the end result of any look. Everyday is a special occasion, and I am up to the task and challenge of dressing up for it.

Favorite item you own?  Hmmm, that's a difficult one. I've had items that I would have considered a favorite for years, but a consistant one would be my mother's necklace. It's simple and has a lot of meaning to me, but also looks perfect with any outfit.

Who are your favorite designers?  Alexander McQueen comes to mind, but there are so many I take inspiration from. I never look at labels right away- it's about the style and excitement an item holds on its own. The mind behind a fashion piece should be seen through the design more than the name. If you admire a particular name, well then that's a bonus but not a need. If it's a designer I've worked with then the piece has more importance to me. I love that connection. Fashion can speak for itself, and I admire how people can convey a different message with the same exact item all by how they style it.

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