Friday, March 2, 2012

Hot Beach Trends For Summer 2012

With winter almost over and spring right around the corner, there’s no question that many people are already looking ahead to summer – especially in the fashion world. Summer fashion means different things for different people. For some, it involves a good dose of bright, sporty, athletic-wear outfits. For others, it entails white silk dresses that go perfectly with a good tan. And, for many, summer fashion is indistinguishable from beach fashion. These people spend many summer afternoons lying at the beach – or at the pool – and want to be able to pull off a hot warm-weather look in the process.

If you fall into this latter group, now is probably a good time to throw open your closet, assess your summer swimsuit situation, and then hit the gym to do some abs. It is also a good time to update yourself on some of the latest beach-going fashion trends for summer 2012. Let’s take a look at a few of these hot new trends:

-Stand-out colors. Summer is always the season when the fashion world bursts with brilliant yellow, reds, greens, and oranges. But we can likely expect even more color this year, especially at the beach. Keep an eye out for bright neon fabrics, stripes of all sorts, and bold animal, floral, and tribal prints.

-Boater hats. The throwback hat craze, which started several years ago with oversized floppy hats, will be taking a new direction this year with a move towards boater hats. This bright, straw variety may seem a bit out of place on the beach, but, coupled with the right suit, can be a sizzling – and trendy – addition to your summer wardrobe.

-Mineral sunscreen. Beach fashion trends don’t just encompass those things that you can see – rather, they also include anything you may wear for the occasion. Most people wear sunscreen of some sort to the beach. In recent years, lifestyle trends have embraced organic make up skincare. Now, this year, mineral products are expected to grow substantially in popularity.

-One-shoulder tops. Among higher end bathing suits, a move towards one-strap bikini tops is predicted to follow the wave of one-strap dresses that have proliferated in recent years. These tops use both straight and cross straps to give an added element of flavor, exoticness, and sex appeal to any top.

-Ruffles. The runways in New York and Milan have been full of ruffles this fashion season, a trend that can be expected to cross over into beachwear this summer. Ruffles can hang from the sides of bikini bottoms, from the front of a bikini top, or down the sides of a one-piece suit.

-One-piece swimwear. Perhaps this summer’s biggest throwback trend will be the one-piece bathing suit. Popular for years before fading from beaches in recent decades, the one-piece getup will likely show a resurgence this summer among stylish beach goers.

These are some of the hottest beach trends for the coming summer season. You might want to keep these trends in mind when beginning your warm-weather shopping and looking for a new beach outfit. But, of course, make sure that any style fits well with your proportions and your needs.

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