Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fashion by He Picks Top Open Sided Shirts...

Well if we are going to have a No Bra Revolution, and He is going to declare side boob the new cleavage, then the least He can do it put together some shirt options for you ladies for the summer. Some till use these to the fullest, and others will put on an AA lace bra and call it a day.

Top Row:
Button Up Tank
Strays Tank
Criss Cross Tank
Newport Racerback Tank
Button Up Tank 
Second Row:
Strapped Chiffon Tank
Strapped Crop Tank   Cougar Shredded Tee
ASOS Vest Tunic with Drop Sides in Texture
Third Row:
American Apparel Cropped Vest 
Make out not war studded boyfriend
Live Fast Cutoff Sweater Tank

Goodluck, Goodbless, and send He your #NoBraRevolution pics.

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  1. I love this look, especially in summer.Short shorts are definitely in.This will be included in my shopping list. Keep on posting!



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