Friday, March 30, 2012

Enjoy the Weekend Fishing...

Nice to see even an outdoorsy girl going to the lake for the weekend, dressed like complete sh*t, can still rock a little wedge to the lake. Ya know first they said you can't wear heels to the beach, lies, now apparently ladies are taken the wedge to the campsite. As terrible as you look, as least the wedge is keeping you together.


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  1. hard to look at.


  2. Yes! Many people enjoy fishing very much! For me, fishing means to get out in nature. We all get caught up in the day to day inertia that we call life, and sometimes just need to get back to nature. It helps restore the soul, as many poets have suggested. To get your mind off of other things. This is what I used to use fishing for, before I learned some other techniques for clearing my mind. But spending a day waist deep in a river still serves me pretty well.


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