Monday, March 12, 2012

Black Milk Knock Offs...Not a Good Situation

We all know that Fashion by He is a big Black Milk fan, hell started writing about them before anyone else even know what the hell it was. Now it seems weird to He that this brand Tight Tigers has launched also in Australia with leggings that look exactly extremely similar to BM Tight. The Liquid Leggings was invented by BM, cannot even be argued, it was one of the first pairs they ever produced. The white/black striped leggings are also another BM staple.

Can give credit where credit is due, a pair of black leggings with a thigh zipper, adds a lot of hotness to the outfit, not sure why, but yes it does, we like that.

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  1. I was about to say something like "Aw, c'mon He, give the cheap knock-offs a break! Poor girls gotta get dressed too!" but then I discovered that the Tight Tigers ones are actually $10AUD more expensive. So fair cop on that one! Sheesh, that's just bad form.


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