Friday, February 24, 2012

ShoeSmash...Heels vs Wedges

Shoe Showdown by He:
Age old question: Heels vs Wedges. Ever since man carved out the center of the wedge and turned it into a heel, girls have been going back and forth. Of course, there are times were a wedge is much better, ie the beach, and a heel is better at a formal event, ie a wedding. But the real question you probably want to know is which does He like better and which makes you look better.

Of course we are talking 4" and up. Gonna go out on a limb here, and maybe its not a limb at all, but Heels definitely make the body and legs look better then wedges. Even in the shoe height ends up being the same, there is some bonus about stilettos that wedges don't' have. With out question wedges are a more relaxed look then a pair of heels. Better during Summer Fundays, so yea if possibly go with the heels, if you feel more secure in wedges, He ain't gonna hate, but at the end of the day, the classic heel is your answer.

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  1. Heels all the way, so much more classy and elegant.


  2. I am loving your blog! its amazing! :)
    Im deff following!!
    Visit mine please?

    Much love, Kylene at Lilac Tea Cups

  3. I thought I was a heels girl... then I purchased the comfiest pair of wedges on the planet... xxx

  4. Really amazing shoes collection.I have just seen Red one in Shoe Palace but all the rest are new for me.

  5. Although high heels tend to make a woman look better, it is always not the best choice. I work at a luxury shoe boutique and I see so many bunions (and a lot worse!) DUE TO WEARING HIGH HEELS! Now I'm NOT saying that everyone should stop wearing it all the time, but taking a break is needed. Men don't always understand this, but why don't you try wearing 4inch and up heels all day and see how you feel? Till then, stop talking!

    1. ya know He was just starting to like you too...#thehighertheheel_thehotterthegirl #noexcuses


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