Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Bra Thursays...Kaitlyn

"Almost every shot on the blog is braless!"

"I guess all I would have to say about bra-less is the girl. Tiny boobs make it so easy to go braless. How many times do you see those incredibly chic shots of Kate Moss or Freja Beha, etc. Saggy girls, keep 'em strapped." -Kaitlyln

Just another example of He doing what He does best. First found and featured Kaitlyn back in June 2011, since then her blog has just taken off. Just because you were a HottHe a year ago doesn't mean He doesn't keep reading your blog. No only is Kaitlyn going braless on the, but her instagram is full of pictures too. If you still are one of the few people who haven't checked out her blog, you are missed out big time, she is just insanely hot with incredibly awesome style. Could be a part of He's #ArmParty anytime.

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