Friday, February 24, 2012

The Incas Made He a Pair of Boots...

Like other brands of the world, Inca Boots was not scared to send He a pair of their boots to review. When the note starts off with, "I know its not high heels but definitely a much more He-worthy boot for winter than UGGS (which you and I agree to hate on!)" It draws in He's attention a little. Always skeptical of boots that aren't high heels, but anything that isn't UGGS is going to work.

Inca Boots: Definitely a well made, boot, good leather, comfortable (He had someone try them out). There is some major bright color stitching on both the top and foot of the boot, which might be a bit much for some people. If you are buying these, you obviously have already realized that these are hand made boots, with an Inca flair to them, so the Inca signature is no surprise. There is no question that these boots are more flattering then a pair of UGGS, just try and stick with the pairs that have the minimal embroidery on them for a more versatile wear.

Now this might be He's downfall as a blogger, and maybe brands are pretty much afraid to work with He more so than they do, but what you are always going to get is the Truth. Good, Bad or Otherwise, He is going to be straight with the ArmHe, 100% of the time. The ArmHe expects the truth, and He won't take money over providing these good people with a fair review...

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