Wednesday, February 1, 2012

HottHe of the Week...Colby

The absolute best part about the HottHe of the Week feature is that He gets to feature new and upcoming bloggers. That was really the main reason He started the HottHe of the Weeks, because He finds more bloggers than anyone else and the good ones should be shared. Meet Colby from NYC, and He's newest obsession. Only 19 and already a designer, student at FIT, and showroom model, of course. Awesomely unique style, Colby seems to be making up her own rules, but He Approves every single one...Check out Colby's blog and follow her because we are definitely gonna see some great things out of her.He is even considering taking this one under He's wing and turning her into a big time blogger...hmm.
How would you describe your style? "Look good, feel good" is something I always go by, I love getting dressed because it makes me feel better to be dressed. A fun fact about myself I guess would be that I wear heels almost every day. If I don't wear heels I walk funny, or at least I feel like I am walking funny which probably leads me to walk funny. I also totally believe in retail therapy. Nothing makes me happier than buying myself for something, especially when I'm upset. I would say that my style varies depending on my mood. My mood and the things that I see inspire me to dress different ways. I found that I own a lot of very 70's style clothing but my wardrobe is very widely assorted. When I shop I go for things that I don't have, at least in shape or style, rather than buying pieces that are similar to ones that I own.

Favorite item you own? That also makes it difficult to say what my favorite item would be. I can say that I am very proud of my shoe collection and think without a great shoe the outfit is not complete.

Who are your favorite designers? Some of my favorite designers or brands are Alexander Wang, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Theyskins Theory, and Celine. I like versatile and clean brands because I love to layer, mix, and match.

HE Needs More HottHes? Non-Bloggers and Bloggers wanted, please be Hot and Stylish and most importantly He Approved. Send your name, facebook link, and where you are from to or Add He as a Facebook Friend.

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