Monday, February 13, 2012

Heidi Gardner Disturbed He in All the Right Ways...

Walking into the Americana Saturday night He really wasn't sure what to expect going to a jewelry presentation, but hey free drinks, hot chicks, and being inside seemed like a good idea. Crowd packs in, and He starts looking around, trying to figure out who the host of this little get together now He has figured out Heidi Gardner is some mentally f*cked up chick, by the images playing on the wall. (you can sorta get an idea but the pics included in the post. But He doesn't discriminate, always down for a chick with a dark wacked out side, but now He wants to see what this Heidi girl looks like, He wants to look evil in the eye. HA HA HA, boy did He not see this coming. Should have known Heidi was gonna be a HottHe. Dark and mysterious are not the words He would have used to describe the designer behind this collection.
(Heidi on the Left, M on the right)

After getting a chance to check out Heidi the collection, we were lead up stairs, 8th floor to be exact, to a hotel room that appeared to be recently visited by Dexter. More pictures after the break...
In a very dark way this collection still manages to be amazing in all the right ways. Pelvis, spines, skulls, never looks as good as they do in the Heidi Gardner Collection. Wearable art indeed, this gloomy collection can bring anyone's dark side out and if you need a piece of jewelry that is going to get recognized anywhere, look for one with Heidi's name on it.

Like any other Fashion blogger would He of course ended the night by Tweeting at Heidi...
Not sure how He feels about "Delighted!" especially after she got to meet He face to face, usually girls go pretty crazy after meeting the King of Fashion. She's probably just playing hard to get.

You MUST check out the collection and event pictures after the break...some images may be disturbing

P.S. Want He to write a review of your collection? Invite He...

 She asked for He's info...told ya He was hard to resist
 Mean Finger Game...apparently 1 ring per hand is no longer enough
 Earrings too!
 M, Heidi, Model
In case you wanted to see Heidi's full outfit, shorts, tights and heels, He Approved - HottHe...
He had decided to take a break and sit down
 One of the many ways the jewelry was displayed...this was one in the bathroom sink
 Dead girl in the least she had on good jewelry when they killed her
 full dead body shot
 Morgue keeping the jewelry cool
 That ring could legit kill someone
 Don't eat the pelvis jewelry
 More on display

Menu...and red drinks, only right that now He buys one for Heidi right?

Check out the Heidi Gardner Creature Couture Collection here.

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