Monday, February 20, 2012

Could you Beeeeeeeee Any Creepier?

He is walking out of the Heidi Gardner event last week, sees this little lady walking in and He simply asks, "Do you mind if He takes your picture?" Simple a good street style model, she takes the assumed position, and click. Boom story over...unless of course this little lady has some creeper on her arm trying to get into the f*cking shot. Hey dude congratulations on nailing the broad but He can promise you no one wants your f*cking face in the shot. Move out the way, you are lucky enough she comes home with you let alone takes you out in public, but there is no way she or He wants any evidence that you were around. Next time someone asks your lady to have her picture taken, move to the side, hold her coat and pray a photographer like He doesn't' steal her away.

P.S. A man hair should never be longer then the women he's with.
EDITORS NOTE:  Just totally realized that guy is also holding a MURSE! Get out of my f*cking city!

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