Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ainsley NY Did Not Disappoint...

After walking into the Ainsley Fall 2012 Presentation, He was very quickly greeted by one of the happiest models He has ever come across. Dressed up in a jumpsuit and boots, this blondie was definitely there to spread the Ainsley joy. After a little flirting it was time to move on, after all there were other models fashion to see. Extremely impressed with the collection, lots of earth tones, boots, and all natural feel. Models walked around on color rocks, other were beating a drum to the music, and some sat up high on wooden horses.

Imagine gorgeous girls in perfect clothing coming off a farm. If farming was stylish, and you actually wanted to wear everything, this would be that collection. You could easily take any one of the outfits and wear it tomorrow.

By far He's favorite item in the collection, was this gold dress, looks like the perfect vacation dress. Day at the beach, and you throw this dress on and you are going to get some major attention.
He's second favorite outfit and second favorite model. Wide leg pants look awesome straddling a fake horse. Tight on the ass, long on the leg. The blazer and shirt combo, this was just an awesomely cool outfit. And tell He that the pony tail addition wasn't totally spot on. Great great decision there.


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The burnt orange dress was just a great color, blue/red/white dress on the right just perfect on that model.

 It's great how the models all turn and pose to you when you have a camera...such power
 This chick was hard core riding that thing, He sh*t you not...it was definitely hot

 Wide Leg Pant...fierce stare...totally eye f*cking He all night
 two models trying to hit the drum to the beat of the music
 The pants were really cool...showing some shoulder was a great compliment for the look
 The 8 in the center of the room filled with color rocks,  models walked bare foot around the room, feeling at one with earth? which accented the outfits perfectly. Attendees all received bags full of colored rocks, each engraved with a different message.

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  1. Love this collection! Must've been awesome seeing those clothes in actual :)



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