Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vegas Recap...Follow He on InstaGram

Some of these pictures are new, others have been on Instagram, but here is your Vegas recap. If you aren't following He on twitter or Instagram, you are missing out on a HUGE part of Fashion by He. Get some...

See pics after the break...
 Leopard wedges, can't knock the hustle
 “Miserable picture but why is hotthe high heels with bitch tits?”
 “Swear she's not a hooker jut a hotthe in 5" blue pumps tight jeans and a belly shirt #backdimples visible #LasVegas”
 How old are you? Still dressing up as a cat?
 “Silly mannequin that isn't a good outfit”
 ew on the left, eh on the right, okay in the middle
 Long skirt, hidden high heels, simple and hot, he approved
#markedMan... Everybody wants some He
 #tallgirlsinhighheels, wide legged pants perfect for a soaring heel
 Nice Wedge

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  1. I love picture number 9


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