Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things Women Do to Look Hot – That Men Don’t Care About

Most women care a good deal about how they look. Maybe they won’t look in the mirror and diligently put on makeup before a night spent watching TV on the couch, but they certainly will become as vain as necessary while preparing to go out with friends – or to impress a guy.

For the most part, men look good only because we want women to find us attractive. Women, on the other hand, always tell me that they care about their appearance mainly for themselves. I want to look good for me is a line I often hear when this type of conversation arises. I don’t buy it. I think women, just like men, dress nicely for the prime sake of the opposite gender. They want to catch our attention, and we want to grab theirs. This is how we are biologically programmed.

And women usually succeed. If they have enough natural hotness to begin with, there’s no question that they’ll dress prepared whenever there’s a guy out there who needs to be impressed. They know what we like, how to look sexy, and what they need to wear in order to make that happen. But sometimes I’ve found there to be a disconnect. Sometimes the woman we care about some element of her physical appearance – but really, we couldn’t in the least.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

-Earrings. Even I’ll admit that a nice, classy necklace can really complement a good dress. But earrings? I’ve never been able to appreciate earrings on a woman. And I only will notice them in the first place if they are big, gaudy, and unattractive.
 -Rings. Like earrings, a ring adds nothing to a woman’s physique. I couldn’t care less about those tungsten rings you’re sporting. Ultimately, guys look for a wedding ring and, well, that’s about it.
 -Lingerie. This one is more controversial, but I simply cannot understand the why someone would spend good money on a couple pieces of lace. Most of the time it will merely be hidden under your clothes. And, when you reveal your lingerie to a guy, he’s just going to want you to take it off as quickly as possible.

-Manicures and pedicures. Getting a manicure or pedicure is one of the vainest – and perhaps most useless – wastes of money out there. Unless you have a serious foot fetish, no man is going to care about the smoothness and glossiness of your toenails.
 -False eyelashes. Among many other synthetic additions women make to their body, fake eyelashes look just that – fake. While we may like the idea of the pretty, innocent girl with long-eyelashes, seeing someone with the unnatural is simply not going to give us that same image of virginity.

While I’m sure there are more things I could add to the list, these are the first that came to mind. Do you agree or disagree with my tally? What else would you add?

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