Saturday, January 21, 2012

Return Of The Rockabilly Style

Rockabilly is not just music. It represents the era of the 1950s – music, fashion, attitude and everything else. It has made its appearance in 2011 with hairstyles, funky costume wigs, leather jackets and the gingham returning. Seeing the rising popularity of this style, it is expected that this wave that has begun to form will crest the next. A number of key elements of the Rockabilly style will be visible. Given below are a few of the key elements that embody the Rockabilly look:

  1. The Quiff – This is a hairstyle that has been influenced by Rockabilly and is a major movement. You will find it prominently featured everywhere. Wherever you go, you will find men with slick quiffs and big hair.
  2. Leather Jacket – The Quiff is incomplete without the rest of the Rockabilly ensemble. One of this is the iconic leather jacket in black. It personifies toughness and attitude. You can buy either the biker leather jackets or any other style that will look tough.
  3. Slim Jeans – Also known as the skinny Jeans, this piece of clothing is one of the key elements of the Rockabilly era. Most people of that time wore jeans that were no only slim but also contoured your legs as if they were second skin. The cut was good and the dark washes gave it a natural attitude.
  4. Shirts – Gingham was Rockabilly flavor with plaids and bowling shirts being equally important. You need these in your wardrobe for a Rockabilly ensemble. These button-up shirts are worn without tie. Denim and chambray are other popular options that fit in well with this fashion.
  5. Vests – Vests, during the Rockabilly era were worn under the black jacket and were iconic. They are an essential for a successful Rockabilly wardrobe. Just throw on a vest, top it with a jacket and some attitude and you are ready.
  6. Shoes – There were three types of shoes majorly worn as given below.  Creeper Style – These are shoes with thick soles.
    1. Leather boots in black – They can be military, worker or biker shoes. They look tough and edgy and are essential for your wardrobe.
    2. Brogues – Another popular name for these shoes is “wing tips”. They were popular and looked smart. Many of the shoe designs today are inspired by these three styles of shoes.
  7. Braces – They were worn with a gingham, buttoned up shirt or over a vest and paired with dark jeans. When you wear them, you will stand out and be recognized as a Rockabilly.
  8. Caps – Flat caps were mostly worn by ranch workers and paired with the denim shirt. It is a trendy look that is popular this season.

Whenever you are trying to portray a look, believe in it. When you believe in it and know yourself, your look will seem a part of you. Whether it is the tattoos or the hairstyle, unless, you have the attitude you will not be a true Rockabilly. Remember that when you adopt the Rockabilly style, you are actually adopting a lifestyle.

Kim Rodrigues is a fashion expert and a party animal. She often sends great discount birthday invitations to all her friends once a year and loves throwing themed parties every now and then.

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