Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Lip Tattoos...Enough is Enough

He told you how gross these things were when they came out under the name Voilent Lips, now ASOS has come out with Lip Rock. Now apparently this works more as a paint then as a tattoo so it should in theory be easier to put on, but the point of the post is that you should not be putting these or any other lip tattoos on to begin with. NO ONE wants to go near the girl with the lip tattoo...write that down.

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  1. These are such a tranny-dream-come-true lol



  2. Yesterday, I saw a video from "kandeejohnson" on YouTube featuring these Violent Lips. It was a glittery silver set that was the thumbnail image. I thought about this post after seeing that. I mean, if I were a girl, I'd rather proper lipstick rather than any of these Violent Lips things.



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