Friday, January 27, 2012

Karl Can Go F*ck Himself! And Take His Clothing with Him!

So this huge collection of Karl sh*t just launched and He will tell ya this, NOT IMPRESSED! You chicks go crazy for this KL dude, if you put half as much energy into loving He as you do this schmo, we would be taking over the world right now. Honestly, He doesn't care that He is bashing some hot shot fashion dude, know what He tells truth to power, and no one has more power then He. Motherf*cking King of Fashion over here and if He doesn't like it, well then there is no argument. End of story. You wanna sell some sweatshirts, put He's face on it, sh*t will fly off the shelves!

P.S. And really you are going to put your face all over the clothing?!?! Guess we know who Karl's biggest fan is...isn't that right Karl?

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1 comment:

  1. did you see when Karl interviewed himself.
    he's gross



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