Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is This Dress Too Much Cheetah?

"I ordered a cheetah dress for Miami club purposes... Not sure how I feel about it. 
Wanted your opinion."

Got a message from a dedicated ArmHe member asking if this dress was too much Cheetah for one outfit. He said YES, and that there are definitely a million other better dresses this chick could pull off in Miami. What does the ArmHe think...Too Much Cheetah for one dress or does it work? Any other ideas on how to add in cheetah without wearing a full on dress of it?

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  1. There can never be enough cheetah. Trashy dresses like this are meant to be worn in MIA. When in Rome...

  2. I think that is too much cheetah. I say get an open black black dress with cheetah ankle booties instead, just as sexy and a lot classier

  3. i love cheetah, but it's not the best design


    <3 Una


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