Monday, January 30, 2012

BCBG Takes Social Media To the Next Level...

He tweeted about this on Friday, but thought it was worth a full post...and not to toot He's own horn, but this is like real investigative journalism going on...
This is a post to any fashion brands et al that read Fashion by He. BCBG is officially a game changer! They are doing something very few if any at all are doing right now, they are members of Lookbook has over 3.5 million unique visitors per month and over 70 million page views per month and the best part is all the rules have gone out the window in hopes of expanding. Brands would be foolish not to take 5 minutes out of their day to post a look. Drives traffics, creates brand awareness, and shows off styles of your own clothing. Why every brando n the planet isn't taking advantage of this opportunity is crazy. Every big brand has a social media manager, isn't this a crucial part it? Pretty sure your twitter account isn't getting 70 million page view.  So until takes the reigns back on their site, if He were running a fashion a fashion brand, He would be exploiting the sh*t outta this opportunity.

P.S. Just keep in mind, when next week you start seeing every brand under the sun on it was He's fault!
P.P.S. He is for Hire to brands if you need help coming up with other insanely awesome ideas such as this. 

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