Monday, December 26, 2011

FashionTALK by He...JewAmerPrincess - Night 7 - Peeptoe Boots

8 Days of JewAmerPrincess
Trends I hate to love and love to hate

Night 7: Peeptoe Boots
If it’s cold enough to wear boots, it’s not warm enough for a peeptoe.

Forget the fact that this trend just does not make sense, these boots are so ugly. I love boots. Like, I LOVE boots. I wait all year for the temperature to drop just enough to start wearing boots and I cherish the few months of comfort that comes with the full leg support of boots.

Closed-toed shoes protect your feet and cover bad pedicures. Boots are meant to cover your whole lower leg and keep your feet warm. So why, WHY, would you wear peeptoe boots?? No one wants to see your un-pedicured, winter-white feet coming out of the front of your boots. Old-lady, peep-toe shoes are bad enough, but peeptoe boots?? Unless you are trying to be The Man Repeller, this is one trend that has got to go.@jewamerprincess

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  1. Thank you. Pointless. If it's cold the thing that is most important to keep warm is those toes. Boots hide all things that shouldn't be for the public in the cold.
    Ahka Vintage Blog

  2. For the longest, I've disliked open-toe/peep-toe boots. I've eased up on them eventually. I find them best as open-toe/peep-toe booties or shooties. Shape and style of the boots are most important to these being stylish. Unfortunately, none of the boots in the picture are stylish to me (personal opinion), especially not the flat open-toe/peep-toe boots. There is no such thing as a stylish pair of flat or low-heel shoes with open toes or peep toes to me.


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