Saturday, December 24, 2011

FashionTALK by He...JewAmerPrincess - Night 5 - Neon

8 Days of JewAmerPrincess
Trends I hate to love and love to hate

Night 5: Neon
The few years of me that subliminally experienced the `80s are so excited about neon's comeback. Hot pink really brings out my spray tan.

Ok, so generally speaking my wardrobe is strictly black and white, but I just can't help but feel really excited about the return of neon. I don’t know whether it’s nostalgia for the decade I barely remember or the fumes I’ve inhaled after so many keratin treatments, but I’m dreaming about dancing around in hot pink leg warmers singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Just think of all the black outfits I could wear with my new bright blue pumps? I just don’t know how neon ever went out of style, but I for one am so glad it’s back in.

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