Thursday, December 22, 2011

FashionTALK by He...JewAmerPrincess - Night 3 - Toms

8 Days of JewAmerPrincess
Trends I hate to love and love to hate

Night 3: Toms
I'm all for charity. Cher's efforts as captain of the Pismo Beach disaster relief (Clueless, 1995) really inspired me to be more of a do-gooder and I learned all about philanthropy during my four years in AEPhi.

I give all my hand-me-downs to Rosaria to send to her family in Columbia… or Mexico or wherever. I even joined the New York Public Library Young Leadership board because it seemed like a great opportunity to meet single Jewish guys give back to the community.

But really Toms Shoes? I don’t need to wear the same canvas shoes you are giving starving kids in Africa. I'll give you the money, but please, keep the shoes.

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