Friday, November 25, 2011

Guess Their Shoes?

Remember that fun game Guess Her Shoe? well it is back with a double edition. The great thing about this weeks edition is that both of these backpack carriers are wearing the same exact shoe, just in a different color. Guess right once, you guess right for both. Let's see how good you are...guess their shoes!

If you guessed Christian Louboutin Boots you were right! Now these are super hot boots, no question about them. Usually He would educate the ArmHe not to walking around the city in matching boots as your friends, but He is pretty sure we can make an exception for such a sexy hot boot. Of course, when girl in black was having trouble walking, and keeping up with charcoal boot, well then He had to stop and laugh. He bless them both though, walking around NYC shopping in a pair of heels that big can't be easy. But hell better to look good doing it and get He's approval then look bad.

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  1. Those boots are so HOT!!! Amazing post!!!

  2. Yay, i guessed!)))

  3. woow!! amazing post!!! really fun! Love those boots!!

  4. guess who just got two new pairs of TOMS shoes is a more fun game!


    Did you see my Me For He Black Friday post! M got no comment :(
    Shoulda seen happy feet dammit.


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