Friday, November 18, 2011

Guess That Celebrity Style?

"I have sisters who are on tv, but they get pretty annoying. I model and a proud member of the #NoBraRevolution. I just had my 16th Birthday, and when I grow up I want to date a guy like He.
Can you Guess My Celebrity Style?"

Answer after the break...

ANSWER: KENDALL JENNER...Happy Birthday. Call He when you turn 18. Hopefully she doesn't get as wacked out as some of her sisters, but good to see she is learning some style tips.#TallGirlsinHighHeels #NoBraRevolution Learning young and looking good.

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  1. I just featured one of the pics of her from that event on my blog today!! She's so gorgeous!!!

  2. she looks much older than she is, I think :)but of course really pretty!


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