Monday, October 31, 2011

YEAR 3: War on UGGs Continues...

F*cking freezing out this weekend, snow everywhere, it is a mess. So He thought this would be a perfect day to Rekindle the War on UGGs Spirit. As some of you begin to pull the UGGs out of the back of the closet, think again, do yourself a favor and keep them in the back of the closet this year. Do everyone a favor!
Join the War!

He hates UGGS. Every guy hates UGGS. As of today, He has officialy Declared War on UGGS. He will not fail, He will not surrender. This war will not be one in a day, or a month or even a year, but He will never stop fighting. He asks you to join in this war, help elimiate these ugly messes of a shoe. He wants to live in a world where these shoes are no longer in existence, a place where speaking the word UGGS is punishable. If you women cannot realize why He hate these shoes, well then you have much to learn. Your move UGG.

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Also send in pictures, so we can all make fun of people wearing them!

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