Monday, October 24, 2011

If You Work in Fashion...You Must Wear Heels!

STYLEITE: Let’s be clear: we have nothing against heels (though, personally speaking, we’re card-carrying members of the Flats Are Awesome club), but heeled sneakers are a whole different story. 

Why are they jerks? Because they’re sneaky. They’re cheating the system! For those of us who wear sneakers on the regular, we do it because we love sneakers, because we don’t care about looking taller or making our legs look skinnier, and because we care about how cool our sneakers are! People who wear sneakers with secret, sneaky wedges? They care about looking like they’re wearing sneakers (“I’m so chill and low-maintenance”) but they’re too concerned with making sure their thighs keep a magazine-approved length to width ratio to just wear sneakers.

Last week, @TheHauteHoosier sent He this like about Sneakers with Wedges built in. Now first things first, these people are right, sneakers with a wedge are a scam, and are worthless and should be destroyed. However the reasoning is totally wrong. If you run a fashion website, write for a fashion site, work in fashion, or are a woman, heels should be required. No Questions Asked. Every successful woman in fashion wears heels all the time. Write that down - (ie @SamanthaLim or Rachel Zoe, that Vogue Chick, Sophia Amorus, etc). 

Next "Flats are Awesome Club?" what are there like 3 people in this club? Probably the worst club ever, right behind "UGGs are Cool Club". Until you strap on some heels or a wedge, leave the people trying to look good alone.

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