Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HottHe of the Week...Samantha

We have been doing HottHe of the Week features for quite some time now, surprisingly though we have never gotten around to featuring Fashion Indie, editor in chief Samantha. How could He not feature her, shes practically running the fashion internet. She included this story when He interviewed her, and He felt that this sounds like it pretty much sums up Samantha, so better you read for yourself:

I landed myself in jail at last September's Fashion Week, for trying to break up, nay, merely delay, a gay friend of mine from being beaten up my a homophobic drunk father-son duo at Koi in the Bryant Park Hotel. We were wrongfully accussed (and dismissed) for assault, and let out a few hours before the Richie Rich show where Ellen Degeneres was closing the runway. It was like an elaborate stance for gay rights all in the same couple days. Interesting fact? Christian Louboutin teal python stilettos are EXACTLY the same shade of teal they have painted on the NYC holding cell prison bars. 

How would I describe my style? With my schedule, it is super important to be comfortable and be able to go day to night -- anything that feels like it'd be amazing to sleep in (chiffons, silks, jerseys, cashmeres) is my cup of vodka. I mean tea. Pair it in with some killer accessories (hardware is a must), platform heels, a slouchy bag, and a great pair of vintage sunglasses and we're good to go. I also have a weakness for exotics, so when the option is around for touch of python here or fur there, I always say yes.

Favorite item i own?
A photo of my father on a motorcycle from the 70's. The man I know is rather conservative, a great role model, so its really inspiring to know that he had (has?) this unexpected, "cool guy" side to him. I love when people have unexpected interests or personalities, basically everyone in New York City.

Favorite designers? Oh gosh, this answer probably changes every time I answer it... Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Balmain, Marchesa, Givenchy ...of course I don't casually rock these designers, but they all influence my style in so many different ways.

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