Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guess Her Shoe?

A Brand new feature here this week on Fashion by He - Guess Her Shoe? In this post you will see a picture of a girl and the goal is to guess what type or kind of shoe she is wearing. Odds are no one will ever get the answer right. But let's play.

Here we have a cute girl in a sheer, equipment style shirt, and a skirt, bag to the side, and a decent amount of arm jewelry going on. But the question about her is what kind of shoes was she wearing? Click Read More to find out...

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F*cking flats...are you kidding He right now? Her legs are are begging for a heel/wedge combo here. Stumpy short legs are the worst...and they usually only look that way when you wear ugly ass flats. Might as well be walking around barefoot then in these things.

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  1. I agree, she's a really pretty girl and i like her outfit she needs some hot heels though!



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