Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FashionTalk by He...Hipstercrite Takes over FbyHe

Fashion by He is taking the night off, so He brought in Texas blogger Hipstercrite to take over the afternoon post. Enjoy, and let us know what you think, and if there is anyone else you would like to see take over Fashion by He for the Day.

My name is Hipstercrite. I'm a blogger in Austin, Texas. This means I wear ironic articles of clothing such as the "Darth Maul Bathing Suit"- or rather the Nylon Tricot Hooded Swimsuit from American Apparel.

During the summer months of the year, you can't really wear real clothing in Austin. In fact, it's completely legal to walk around topless in Austin, but most people don't exercise that right because of the embarrassing amounts of boob sweat that women accumulate here.

My typical garb of high-waisted pants, ties, and mustaches is not possible during this time of year. Constricted clothing and prosthetic hair adhesive does not bode well with an unrelenting sun and 105 degree temperatures. Because of this, I've had to made bathing suits part of my daily wear. Bathing suits are not always that stylish. Well, at least mine never were. I typically wore breast-flattening and hip-reducing one-pieces that made me look like a 13 year-old boy. So one day I got wise and bought a bathing suit with a hood- because who the hell ever heard of such a thing? Believe me, my caped beachwear is a conversation starter. People stare and point and stand at least fifteen feet away from me out of fear I'm hiding a lightsaber somewhere in that nylon.

Note from He - Just as an FYI: the hoodie swimsuit has been on Hashion by He before.

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  1. I'm a constant viewer of this blog and I'm looking forward for latest fashion forward tips and posts from Hipstercrite

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  2. http://heartifb.com/2011/08/10/professional-blogger-spotlight-fashion-by-he/

    :) Love seeing my favorite blogs in the spotlight!


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