Monday, April 25, 2011

Bam! Bow! Zap! Comic Action Words Headbands

Hey He,
I stumbled across these atrocities while looking on Etsy for some cute handmade headbands. These are NOT cute at all! They are so tacky, don't you think? Thought you might want to write a post about this in case it's been slow lately on the blog front

Thanks for the tip Libby, you could not be more right, He definitely wants to write about these weird ass headbands. We have seen some pretty scarey headbands in our day, but walking around with one of these things just give you a reason to get hit upside the head. He isn't encouraging violence, in fact you are by wearing these absurd things.

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  1. seriously whyyyy would someone do that ahh!!

  2. these r amazing!! i want to go get one pronto...

  3. I would de-friend someone if they dared wear this near me!


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