Thursday, February 17, 2011

Would you Wear a T-Shirt Necklace?

"eclectic neck pieces constructed using cozy, up-cycled materials, constructed using upcycled cotton t-shirts...Neckpieces are meticulously designed and handcrafted to be stretched, twisted, and layered for dozens of looks and year round comfort, so measurements are approximate."

He was wondering, would you wear a t-shirt necklace? If the answer is Yes, then you probably want the link to V&Y Mart. Is this a good look? Someone help He out, kinda thinking this is more of a California style then an East Coast look? What does the rest of the world think? Buying or not?

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  1. i made one myself, wearing it right now. i <3 it :d

  2. He I love you , but don't bag on Cali. Not everyone in Cali dresses in Jeans, hoodies and Flip Flops. Cali native and I despise that! Don't hate because we have an eternal summer and HAVE to wear light weight clothes.


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