Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Of Course, You Want to F ck He...

It appears Victoria Secret is trying to get all clever for Valentines Day. A couple of quick thoughts on these.
Call Me - If you are waiting for He to see this message until He gets to your underwear, well not so sure. And if you want He to call you, should you at least tell He what to call you.
I French Kissing - Well again nothing like the last minute, He means come on already, He is down to your thong, and now you want to tell He you like to kiss...weird timing yet again.
I want to F ck You
- well of course you do, you already let the guy go this far to see your underwear. Just a matter of time now before the smushing begins.

P.S. Thanks to HottHe Katy for the tip.

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  1. Ugh these panties keep getting worse and worse! sending out the wrong message to teens!

  2. and this is exactly why i stick to hanky pankys...too tacky, tasteless and ridiculous He.


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