Monday, January 10, 2011

A Bag Trend that Won't Catch on...

Amalia Mattaör has created a collection of evening bags, which artistically combine leather products and jewelery. These evening bags named “The Dancing Bags” are extremely aesthetic and precious all at the same time. Materials are noble and refined, design is practical and ergonomic. These luxurious accessories fuse with the woman body as an extension of oneself. Evening bags become fiercely contemporary and fatally glamorous.

Not sure these are gonna catch on anytime soon, but then again Fanny Pack bag were popular. But if He had his way, these would stay as a concept idea. They look cool, yes, but functionality and the ability to wear them out, lacking greatly.

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  1. They are interesting but how much could you fit in there? I'm thinking fanny pack before bicep bag...
    Because sometimes, it's just funny.

  2. interesting, but i agree, won't catch on



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