Monday, December 13, 2010

NO This is Not Just a Hot Girl...

Besides the fact that HE loves posting pictures of good looking girls, there is more to this story then meets the eye. Meet Irely by Saireyg a Hanky Panky type looking underwear that has a secret compartment.

By offering the only undergarments with a hidden pocket that sits in the small of the back, Irely plays upon the fact that every woman has a "secret side", something she may keep hidden but that she treasures about herself. This hidden pocket is a special place to put anything from cash and credit cards to small iPod’s.

Anyway, He wants to know do women actually need this secret pocket? Do you have that much you need to hide. Aren't your bags big enough to hold everything? An iPod in your underwear? Is this for your lingerie party pillow fights, so now you can jam out to music too? Help He understand this...

P.S. Someone find out for He who these two blonde models are so that He can make them HottHes of the Week - Twins Edition.

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  1. Pocket in my underwear? I think not!
    Btw, thanks for the lovely comment and visiting my blog!
    I am yor follower, and I would be pleased to see HE among my followers!:)
    All the best!

  2. Haha, pockets in underwear. Whats the point, when you have a bag?

  3. NICE post !!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Haha.
    Yes, this is not news. In Russia, so do everyone in the old way, most men their wives to sew pocket for money, documents, when they go on a long trip.

  5. That actually might be useful! For lipstick or something equally small.

  6. Thanks for checking us out, HE! The pocket can be used for anything from cash and credit cards to a phone when you are running around your house in leggings (the stretch of leggings helps keep it in place, because phones sit vertical and slightly higher than the waistband of the underwear). Ever walk around your house and want your phone but you have to carry it? Problem solved. What about a condom - why is it someone else's duty to take caution for your own body? But whether you use the pocket or not, you still end up with a fantastic pair of underwear. Oh, and did you mention that upon purchase each pair comes with a different quote tucked inside so they make fun gifts? yup. Sexy, fun, comfortable and useful.

  7. I don't want any pockets in my underwear, but I think this is the type of underwear girls should wear to clubs. You never see a girl with a big bag or lots of pockets at a club, but how does she carry her essentials? The phone, the money, the keys, and on top off all of that, the lipstick! She could, and does, use a clutch, but it's no fun dancing while holding onto that! Okay so she can't, and definitely should not try to, fit all that in one tiny pocket. But it sure helps with the lipstick ;)


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