Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nine Dresses - Endless Possiblities...

Over a year ago, He introduced you to the Emami Dress at that time it was 1 dress with endless possibilities. Well Emami has expanded to a full line of dress that all have limitless possibilities, videos available to help walk you through how to wear them. He decided to feature this dress again, mainly because you women can never make up your minds on what to wear, thought Emami would help solve that problem. Now can you bring one dress with you and pick the style to wear it that best fits your mood. No more lugging around huge bags with multiple outfits, or standing in front of a closet for 3 hours. "Thank You He!"

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  1. How great is this! Would love to try one of those!

    xxx Charlie
    Feminine Bravery

  2. awesome!
    you HAVE to stay tuned at my blog, there is another brand i just discovered, similar to this..very innovative! STAY TUNED is all i gotta say :P ill give you the heads up when it's up! xo


  3. those are just like Avon's multi-way dresses. perfect for those who could not decide what to wear. =)

  4. wow this is definitely a versatile dress!


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