Friday, December 24, 2010

Does Anyone Actually Wear a Thong Bodysuit?

We have been seeing these non stop ads by American Apparel for their thong bodysuits. So here is the question He has long been wanting to know. Does anyone actually buy and or wear these thong bodysuits? He is a HUGE bodysuit fan, very sexy item. Just not sure if when He sees a bodysuit if its a thong version or a regular style, obviously the thong version would seem hotter in He's head. But is a thong body suit even realistic or is AA just wasting time with these? He needs to put this to a vote, are the ladies of the ArmHe actually wearing thong bodysuits or just regular bodysuits. Want to be featured on He in your bodysuit? Send bodysuit pics to

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  1. yeah i think its an alright idea

    looks a bit painful on some of the models but it solves the issue of it looking like you're wearing granny pants when you wear a tight skirt under the body suit

    obviously this is an item not to be worn on its own!!

    Laura xx

  2. Yes. I work at AA and people do buy them.

  3. i think the idea of a thong bodysuit is very nice, bodysuits are pretty awesome since they don't ride up and the thong allows a girl to wear tighter pants or skirts without underwear lines showing

  4. seems painful?


  5. I can't even do g-strings let alone a bodysuit I could not easily escape from! Totally uncomfortable vote from me!

  6. Yep! I have an American Apparel thong bodysuit in white. Super cute with jeans. I wore it in this blog post (you can't see it too much though)

    I love it!


  7. I have one! It looks great under bandage skirts.

  8. it worked for the 'Call on Me' girls with their dance tune.

    Lets leave i there.

    No one likes a cold ass.


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