Sunday, November 14, 2010

Revolve Clothing Makes He Sick...

He is the first one to tell you, He likes skinny girls. Not hating on anyone right now, but there is skinny and then there is skinny. Girls must eat. Fact. No one wants bones, its not attractive. The model is hot, don't get He wrong, she would look amazing as He's arm candy, but not before this girl went to McDonald's for about 2 weeks straight.

As He has said before, if you pick a good looking model your clothing will look better. If you pick an ugly model, well your clothing will look like shit. Someone over at Revolve Clothing made a HUGE error in selecting this girl to be featured on their site. Not sure what the ArmHe thinks but how can you imagine how an outfit is going to look like on you, when you visually see it on a 75lb body?

P.S. Revolve might want to consider a Re-Shoot. He is available to help select a more qualified model.

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  1. Thank you for not supporting unhealthy models!!!xo


  2. she is so thin! thats the girl that was on the City with Whitney Port right?!?!? I am sure, its the girl that was Whitney's friend. x

    loving HE right now


  3. Yep, she should for sure check out the delicious cake I made, it might add some needed calories to her diet. :P

  4. That is just WRONG! She looks like an alien!!!

  5. yeah, seriously. beautiful face, just EAT SOMETHING! xo

  6. @iUndereye, yes that's her!! I remember Kelly Cutrone asking her if she was 'okay' constantly!

  7. Sister Wolf ( made a post about this awhile ago I think and apparently this girl wasn't always quite this thin. She is really beautiful though, I wonder how much of it is just bad photoshop.

    The girl in the Ralph Lauren ads who was fired was a victim of a SCARY photoshop job, and in reality she wasn't nearly as thin as her ads made her appear.

  8. That girl is soooo skinny. She definitely needs to eat more!!!


  9. Hey He! Guess who? It's Allie Crandell :) I just want to let u know that your words r extremely hurtful, and I don't understand why u enjoy writing such cruel things about others. I saw your post titled "YOUR FAT MAKES ME SICK". I guess u will critique ppl for being too big AND too small. I wonder what u look like..? Reading your blog brought tears to my eyes. Is that what u were hoping for? ANd i DO eat. Tonight I whooped some ass in kickboxing, and then I came home and cooked dinner. a HEALTHY one. THAT is how I stay skinny. Good luck with your blog. Hopefully someday u will spread LOVE, NOT HATE.
    Yours Truly,
    the ALIEN,
    Allie Crandell

  10. I'm going to weigh in here as one of the few male readers of this blog. First, I don't think for a minute that it was HE's intent to belittle the model. I'm sure He will be the the first to tell you that this chick is legit gorgeous. I will say however, that WE all are often a little too critical of people within and out of the public eye - sometimes it's easy to forget that EVERYONE, despite what you do or how you look has feelings that are important and they should be treated as such.

    - Jordon

    Allie - if you're single, let me take you out for a drink?

  11. Have you ever even fucking considered that maybe this girl is naturally this small!! Its inconsiderate articles like this that make skinny people like me sooo angry! I eat soo much but I dont gain any weight at all; it's not my fault. Maybe this model is the same way so maybe you shohuld fucking think about what you write before you post it! Skinny does not automatically equal anorexic you asshole.


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