Saturday, August 7, 2010

FashionINTERNATIONAL by He...Seattle, WA

Purple Leggings are usually a no no no. Are those Shin high sneakers? Tam who sent in this picture asked, " Can you break it down and tell me what's wrong with this picture?" What is wrong with this picture? How about everything! It's like a purple smurf.

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  1. lol Sometimes I wonder what people think when they dress themselves.
    It's def. because they dont care what others think?
    && that they're not making a fool of themselves. -_-


  2. Autch.. How do they do it?
    I mean don't they have a mirror or I don't know someone (mom, dad, brother, sister,...) who tells them they look really stupid BEFORE they leave the house?


  3. I REALLY wish you hadn´t shown me this pic - now I´ll be having difficulties sleeping at night! ;-O

  4. wait is that a guy or girl??? i'm thinking its a girl cause those shorts aren't guy lengthed. iono wtv. great blog. I'm going to private follow. come check mine out too

  5. horrible. purple leggings? NO.

  6. I actually like my purple tights.
    What do you think? would black be better?

  7. yup thats Seattle's fashion for you -___-;;
    super terrible.


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