Thursday, July 29, 2010


"I'm getting really sick of girls who wear ugly shoes the second they leave the office, it's like, man up, you look ridiculous wearing a blazer with sneakers." -Gianna

Well Gianna, He doesn't think He could have said it better himself. Although He tried in this Post. Gianna is right though, it really is enough of this wear sneakers to work business. There are plenty of women who walk block upon blocks around NYC in 4" heels. Quit your bitching and strap on the heels.

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  1. If I had a nickel for everytime I saw a woman in Boston doing this b.s I would be richer than Jay ridiculous! Im glad Boston isnt the only city that has women like that..
    p.s Im going to new york this weekend..will think of you HE!

  2. lol my mom works in a corporate office and they ALL do the same thing. they wear sneakers on the way to work then change into their work shoes then put their sneakers back home on the way back. I see it every morning in NYC when I'm walking in my heels they look at me like I'm crazy when they're the ones who look ridiculous.

  3. While I agree this does look ridiculous for me, personally, it is more about the integrity of the shoe as opposed to a comfort factor. I would rather save my heels from nicks and scratches.

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  5. What I feel needs to be said here is that if you're in a corporate job running around all day, you should be allowed to not have to wear 4" heels, because it really hurts.

    However trainers are disgusting. There are plently of either cute flats or slightly lower heeled courts that look just as professional and are far more practical.

  6. Definitely agree! And if heels really are too much then they should at least put on a NICE pair of flats.

  7. I completely agree! While you may want to travel home in a comfortable shoe, why must it be an awful white sneaker with a tube sock??

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