Friday, April 16, 2010

Try You some ThreadScience...

As He has said before, if you have a production or collection or tip or anything you want He to review, He-mail Of course if you aren't up to He standards you get sent to the trash, only the elite actually get selected for FbyHe. ThreadScience is gonna do a feature on He, and of course, He wants to show some love for them as well. ThreadScience is an indie designer site, and once you get past the Taylor Swift want to be model in most of the pictures, there is some awesome cloths at great prices. Maybe you will find a new designer before they become a superstar. Pictures are some items that caught He's eyes. Thoughts?


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  1. I only looked at the dresses and so far I love them!

  2. Bowing to he, geisha fashion. A feature ooooo, la, la, our secret is getting out. I thought of you today. Rule #457, unless you are model thin, you should never wear cow printed clothing!

    The Bumpkin

  3. I like. And they will actually send stuff to me here in the middle of the sea.

  4. I agree I think THREADSENCE is a great site too! found it when they did the blogger hot minute on song of style! will check out the feature when its out!


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