Thursday, February 25, 2010

FashionTALK by He...Playful Threads

Being one of the top fashion bloggers in the world is not easy. He receives numerous requests a day for product reviews, launch parties, etc. Sometimes these companies get lucky and He decides to be nice and review them. For those who cannot afford He's good friend AP, Playful Threads offers a less expensive lingerie selection.

Playful Threads offers lingerie for an everyday girl to wear. Check it out and let He know what you think, not to mention He thinks the body stocking is one of the most underrated items in the lingerie world. It's does not have to be Valentine's Day for you to do something nice.

Buy from Playful Threads and use Coupon Code FREEHE for FREE SHIPPING on your order.

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  1. I bought something from playful threads and am extremely happy with my purchase as is my boyfriend. Definitely has a wide variety of sexy items that are reasonably priced and affordable!

    kisses to the top fashion blogger :)

  2. god wtf is wrong with that model's skin?

    anyways, none of these look like they are in good taste, you KNOW that someone paid you to adlink this lol. you should stick to princibles of blogging instead of money

  3. i love those panties w the lace heart. so cute

    F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  4. haha lets face it though, that is THE only nice body stocking ever. the lace body stocking i can handle.. fishnet.. not so much.

    check out my blog, its new


  5. haha these are fun photos. i love all things lace - the underwear is adorable

    xx lue

  6. Wow they have some cheap thigh highs! thanks!


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