Monday, January 25, 2010

Those Stretchy Black Leggings...

Ya know those stretchy black leggings that girls wear, tight enough that at the right angle you can see through them. God bless these things. They take the shape of a girls ass beautifully. Let's just stop for a second and recognize that He is only talking about girls with good asses. These can make a person nauseas if worn by the wrong type of person. Back to the good news. He knows your going to tell He that they are yoga pants or black leggings, but it doesn't matter. Guys do not care what they are called, they care only that you wear them and wear them often.
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Update: In case it wasn't clear, this post isn't about dressing fashionably, it is about making He happy.

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  1. Hey girl! Nice blog!

    Can you please check mine?

  2. Anyone who wears this does not have good taste. period. ew. Unless you are working out. I mean how lazy can you be?

  3. This is the same reason my boyfriend loves them. The fashion world tells us the top must cover the ass when wearing leggings. The boyfriend world and HE world says don't cover up that beautiful butt =) xo

  4. Haha, nice asses are nice, the other ones should be a well kept secret.

  5. I wear black leggings as pants all the time; they look completely fine. Plus, they are inexpensive and comfortable. I definitely think that they work as pants as long as they are done tastefully. It also depends on your body shape. No matter what, I adore them!! :)

  6. I think people need to be checking in the mirror before they leave the house!

    thanks always for your sweet comments! i added you to my blog list, will you add me?

  7. haihai,

    than u so much for commanting at my blog
    i love yours two

    about the leggings i think they are great and so comfy


  8. haha
    fantastic post HE


  9. "Glamour Bbey. said...

    Hey girl! Nice blog!"

    Haha love it.

  10. Hahahaha...loved the comment "hey girl!"...
    About leggings: I do like them. Not all the time, but last year I spent 20 days out of Brazil, and they're pretty ok to mix with many pieces e end in different looks. I know that it's not about fashion, but I keep saying that if you're not sure if you should wear these pants with short tops, don't use it. Doubt means that you just can't. Cover your ass and be happy. And make HE happy as well.

  11. I think black leggings should be covered with a long top, skirt, or dress! I hate seeing through them, but I can see why guys would enjoy it lol


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