Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big Hair Showdown...Really Big Hair!


Almost exact similar outfits, similar hair, maybe they are sisters?

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Not Every Braless Babe Likes Getting Her Picture Taken...SMILE!

Smile Suga you are He Approved, except for those weird brown spikey shoes.
Not a fan of brown and black mixing, like the dress though.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

HottHe on the Street...Love This Look!

Top notch outfit...classy, comfortable, and stylish all packed into one. He Approved

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HottHe of the Week.... Dorka

Hello Dorka, absolutely love her style, there isn't a He Approved outfit in the mix. Every outfit seems to top the one before it. High heels in every picture, Dorka's blog kinda got He excited for Fall, not that He is at all h appy that summer is ending but her Fall looks made He happHe. Dorka you are the HottHe of the Week.

How would you describe your style? I'm a big fan of minimal, I don't usually wear more than 2 accessories at the same time, and I almost never wear colours, but as much as I love the black-and-white and french dressing on other people, I need something to spice things up. I love mix and match, classic and ladylike items, and the effortlessness of denim.

Who is your Style Icon? The whole world is, but lately most of the time I agree with Jennifer Grace's choices.

Favorite item you own? Pencil skirts. There's no such thing as enough pencil skirts.

Who are your Favorite Designers? I could absolutely live off Alexander Wang, &Other Stories, Saint Laurent, and Phillip Lim items for the rest of my life.

HE Needs More HottHes? Non-Bloggers and Bloggers wanted, please be Hot and Stylish and most importantly He Approved. Send your name, facebook link, and where you are from to or Add He as a Facebook Friend.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer 2014: The Summer of the Terrible Hair Cuts...

nyc street style purple dress and purple hair
girl with half a shaved hair worst hair cut ever

Not sure if its because of where He hangs out in NYC or if its everywhere, but He has seen a billion more bad hair cuts this summer then any other summer on record. As soon as He sees a bad one, another person walks by and one ups them. Here are a few of the worst.

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