Thursday, June 27, 2019

So, You Don’t Like Today’s Fashions – Here’s What You Can Do About It!

Isn’t it amazing how many comments you hear about each year’s fashions and how people either love or hate them? This year, if you don’t like the long, oversized blouses that hang down to the knees or the resurgence of Daisy Duke shorts, you know what you can do about it! Get out those Juki Sewing Machines you found discounted on the Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies website and create your own designs! After all, everyone is doing it anyway and who knows, you just might inspire a generation of fashionistas when all is said and done. But, for real, let’s look at what you can do if you aren’t satisfied with this year’s trends.

Remember Retro Has Swung Around Again

Some years you will find that retro fashions are frowned upon by industry giants. This isn’t one of those years. With those oversized blouses and big, gangly accessories en vogue again, you can tell that retro has made its way back to front and center stage. And, if you’re wondering why the allusion to Daisy Dukes, have you caught the shorts Taylor Swift is wearing these days? They put Daisy to shame! What started out as a career based on that wholesome country girl image has strayed far from the path. You can too if you are dissatisfied with the fashions being thrown at you this year. Just remake them to your liking and you just might set a new trend. You can never tell.

There’s Always Safety in Understatement

Some fashion trends are a bit too flashy for your tastes, so you have a hard time choosing just what to wear to the office Christmas party or that 4th of July celebration at the local club. When you feel that fashions of the year are just a bit over the top for your liking, remember, there is always safety in understatement. There is nothing wrong with dressing down a bit as long as you dress the part. For example, if you are going to a formal affair, you don’t need a sexy two-piece bright red dress like JLo was featured in at this year’s CFDA Awards. Rather, you can dress down a bit like Kate Middleton would have with good fashion sense sans the bling. Those hats are amazing and she doesn’t need to show her wares to make an impression on the world of glamour.

Let’s Get Real Here

The end result is that you don’t need to wear the latest trends just because they are trending! Instead, let’s get real here. It’s far better to dress for your personality than it is to follow the crowd. You will do better wearing what suits your personality and your own body type than trying to fit into those Daisy Dukes if you are a bit too modest to be showing all that leg. After all, how many women are truly 5’10” tall and as slender as Swift? Wear what you feel good in and you will amazingly look good. That’s the reality behind today’s fashion sense, and if you can’t find what you like, get out the Juki and design your own!

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

This Picture is Not From the Olden Days...

He wrote olden days, because He didn't feel like googling to figure out which old era this outfit is from, but there was definitely a lot of swing dancing

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Flat Over the Knee Boots Are Ugly...STOP Wearing Them!

He doesn't care how tall you are or how short your boyfriend is, STOP wearing flat over the knee boots. They are gross, they are ugly, they don't look good on you, He doesn't want to hear that they are more comfortable than boots with a heel, keep that to yourself, no one likes a complainer. If you are going to wear over the knee boots, put a heel on them.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Blogger Twins: Style on the Rise & Style it With Trix

Not sure we have seen another set of blogger twins more identical than Marni and Mercedes. Even their no smile smiles are identical. Both are Hotthes, love the style and their blogs (could do without the dog in every picture) but when you come across this kind of twin freaky stuff, its weird. Been doing this blogging thing a long long time and this could be pinnacle of the blogger twin search.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wild and Crazy Legging Designs Ain't Going No Where

Interesting outfit she going out? to the gym? very confusing

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